Sewer back ups -UGGH!

Sewer back up usually starts with gurgling or strange sounds from the drains and pipes. If this backup is just happening to a single drain, you needn’t worry. You simply need to remove the plunger and then get rid of the hair clump. However, if you notice that a tub is backing up or in case the toilet is flush which is causing a problem, you need to get in touch with your plumber immediately.

Common Causes – So, what are the most common causes of sewer backups?

Mostly, sewer back up is caused due to tree roots which clog the pipes. This might be due to presence of oils, grease or fats which have gone down the drain. In case of blockage in the main sewer line, it can be caused due to soil settlement.

At times, people flush wipes, which are usually ‘flushable’. However, plumbers have mentioned that these utilities are actually the main cause of clogged drains. They do not get absorbed – instead they cause major blockage.

How To Deal With Sewer Backups –

  • You need to keep a check on the standing water in the outlet. If you notice there is no water, it is possible that the backup is between the house and the cleanout. It needs to be immediately taken care of. You need to contact your plumber for repairs.
  • In case, the backup is quite severe, you will not be able to deal it yourself. Do not try as you will damage the plumbing system. There will be more damage to the system.
  • You need to shut off the supply of electricity of your home. It will keep everyone safe. Future emergencies can be avoided. You need to shut off all gas supplies and water as well in case you notice sewer backups and you are waiting for your plumber to arrive.

Do not try to do the repairs yourself or you will delay the repair process further. Call your plumber immediately!

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