Toilet flushing problems and how to solve them

How do you take care of the situation when you notice your toilet isn’t flushing as it should?

Well, you shouldn’t get nervous and need to do what should be done in such a situation. Toilets can actually run into several difficult situations. The most frustrating and difficult problem is when you start noticing that the toilet isn’t flushing as it should. In such a situation, instead of getting frustrated, you need to start looking for ways to solve the problem.

Many homes face the problem of slow toilets or drains which will not drain properly. This happens due to many reasons. At times, there is an improper flush which can be quite difficult and can lead to overflowing drains. It also does not mean that you will need a completely new toilet. You need to call your plumber, who will carry out an inspection and suggest ways of getting rid of the problem.

What If The Toilet Isn’t Flushing At All?

There are many homes facing the problem of flushes not working at all. There might be a flush lever which actually is not working. There also might be other problems with the toilet. Why not check the tank? At times, the tank is completely empty and this is why the toilet isn’t flushing at all. In such a situation, you need to carry out a bit of investigation yourself if you wish, before you call your plumber. At times it happens that the tank gets filled with water from supply line which fills the tank. The valve is usually on wall which is just behind the bowl. You need to check if the valve is open. You can also check right inside the tank. You need to check the tank so that the float doesn’t actually get obstructed or struck.

There might be other problems related to the flapper. You can get help from your plumber who will carry out an inspection and get the problem solved. Usually this can be solved in a short time by the plumber.

What if the bowl does not empty properly?

At times it happens that the bowl is not emptying properly. There might be problem of blockage. If you hire the right person, the problem shall be corrected in a short time. Sometimes, water pressure is quite a problem. If you feel that there is no problem with the flush or the bowl, your plumber might be able to solve the problem.

Weak Flush:

At times it happens that the toilet flushes but it drains water quite slowly. It also happens that everything isn’t drained away from the bowl. If this happens, a lot of mineral deposits and dirt gets accumulated in the toilet bowl. If you scrub this under the rum using a wire brush using white vinegar, it will help in removing any kind of accumulation fro the bowl. If there is a partial blockage, it will cause the flushing or drainage to be quite weak.

Continuously Flushing:

This is another common problem when the toilet keeps running continuously. There might be a leakage which is the cause of the problem. If water starts entering the tank, in case the flapper isn’t positioned just above the drain, water starts getting in the toilet. These result in continuously running toilets.

Whatever the problem is, you need to ensure that you have the toilet checked by professionals. Professionals will not just check the problem; they will find a solution to it and ensure that the situation doesn’t arise again. Timely intervention is all that you need!