Spring plumbing problems

The temperate weather conditions during spring do offer great relief from the scorching summer. The cloudy skies and slick roads are quite welcome, but our plumbing system is not always able to adapt itself. In fact, the sudden change in weather conditions does cause havoc with the plumbing system and we start experiencing problems. Some of the most common problem faced by homeowners during spring time includes the following:

Obstructions in the Gutter:

In the spring time there is plenty of plant growth and this causes problems in the gutter. Gutters tend to get obstructed with the accumulation of various organic debris, leaves and twigs. Such problems can cause obstruction and lead to severe problems of water damage. If there is a obstruction on the troughs, water is usually forced to flow by the sides. It can get to the side of your property or even flow onto the roof. If this is left unattended, it tends to overflow and causes immense water damage to the ceilings and walls. It also causes immense staining to the exterior. In fact, such gutter blockage can lead to pooling of water unnaturally. If there is standing water for a long time, it leads to pest infestations, mould development and also corrosion.

Problem with Water Pressure:

This is the time when immense problem is faced with water pressure which is often quite inadequate. This might seem harmless at times, but it can be really annoying other times. It is a symptom that there is a problem somewhere else also. At times when there is a fall in water pressure, it can be caused due to leakages as well. Thus, it needs investigation by professionals. So, when is the right time to call your plumber? If you are finding that there are conditions of low pressure for a long time and things are not getting normal, you need to get in touch with your plumber.


Leaking pipes are a springtime problem. In the winter months, several pipes start developing problems but when it is spring, there is a lot of contraction and expansion. This is caused mainly due to fluctuations in the temperature. In the winter months, pipes tend to contract or they are filled with frozen water and they crack. As the weather gets warm, these pipes soon expand and the leakages become large. In case of older plumbing systems, this problem is quite common and need immediate attention. If there are delays, you might have to incur more expenses. Thus, if in the spring time, you find that pipes are continuously dripping or there is standing water all around the place or there are some musty odours, you need to call your plumber immediately.

Sewer Line Obstruction:

Whenever there is new plant life and in the gutter, the damage is tremendous. Trees start growing and roots keep spreading in search of various nutrients from soil. Sewer lines contain water and hence when there is so much plant growth, the roots start getting into the pipes. The damage is quite severe. Such obstructions lead to other problems of water pressure and slow drainage.

Outdoor Drainage Problems:

Yes, this is the time when there are plenty of problems with the outdoor drainage system as well. After the snows melts and as the warmer days begin, it starts affecting the drainage system of your property. Water starts accumulating around your property, especially the foundation area. If there is poor outdoor drainage, it starts causing flooding. Thus, when it is springtime, you need to get the gutters clean, your exterior pipes well inspected and if needed repaired, especially when you start noticing puddles. If the drainage problem is not taken care of on time, it will completely damage your property.

Fixture Drainage Slow:

This is quite a common problem during spring time. Some of the common problems during springtime are related to slow drainage of floor drains, bathtubs, showers and sinks. Slow draining occurs due to many reasons. You need to first understand the reason so that you can find a solution to the problem.

As spring starts, it is recommended to have your property inspected by expert plumbers. If this is done, all sudden plumbing problems can be easily averted.